$100 Million Gift to Human Rights Watch Will Lead to 120 New Jobs

We know that many public-interest minded law students and attorneys are interested in opportunities in international human rights work.  So we figured we’d pass along word that a recently announced gift from George Soros will lead to Human Rights Watch considerably expanding its staff – “adding more than 120 employees to a an organization of 300.”

The gift, according to the Washington Post, is also expected to begin a change in the way that HRW builds support – financial and otherwise – for its activities throughout the global community.  Rather than leaning so heavily on donations from U.S. and European sources, HRW wishes to expand its support base:

The Human Rights Watch gift will consist of $10 million annual grants over the next decade. Human Rights Watch is expected to find funding to match that grant. It is also seeking to cultivate a new generation of foreign donors to fund the group’s activities. Today, Human Rights Watch receives 30 percent of its funding from abroad, mostly from Europe and some from Japan. It has a target of raising 40 percent of its funding from abroad within five years and 50 percent within a decade.

On a related note, here are two PSLawNet resources for law students and lawyers searching for international public-interest jobs:

  1.  Finding Jobs with the UN and other International Organizations
  2. Finding and Funding International Public Service Opportunities

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