Charleston School of Law Student Sets Record – 1,550 Pro Bono Hours

We were pleased to see Peter Kaufman, 3L at Charleston School of Law, featured today in the Post and Courier for completing 1,550 hours of pro bono at the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office while in law school.  According to Dean Andy Abrams this is the “largest contribution of pro bono service hours of any student in the school’s history.” (and the PSLawNet Blog is willing to wager it would clock in as the largest contribution at most law schools).

From the Post and Courier:

The school requires students to perform at least 30 hours of free public service work as part of its graduation requirements.Abrams said, “graduates like Peter have been instrumental in the remarkable success that our law school has experienced.  We are proud of their accomplishments and are confident that each of them will make a significant impact in the days ahead as leaders and change agents in their communities.”

Kaufman said he put in most of the hours during the past two years. And his grades actually improved while he was working in the solicitor’s office, mostly doing investigative research.  He attributes that to seeing legal work in action on an almost daily basis.  “Things just made more sense,” he said.

He hopes to eventually land a job doing trial work in a solicitor’s office.

But for now, he’s going to study for the bar exam, which he’ll take in February. Then he’ll begin job hunting, he said.

And he’d advise others to do public service even if they’re also busy with other things. “Always try to pay it forward,” he said. “You have to give it away to keep it.”

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