A Word of Advice on Being Competitive for Public Interest Jobs

by Kristen Pavón

We all know participating in clinics, volunteering, and getting involved with legal aid organizations in your community are great ways to show commitment to public interest and even get a foot in the door.

However, at the ABA Midyear Meeting earlier this month, co-executive director of Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Mark Moreau suggested something I had never heard before.

Moreau advised that if you’re interested in public interest law, you should have a strong tax law background. Yes, tax law.

“At a time where over half of legal services clients are working poor, a strong understanding in tax or welfare law is important,” he explained, noting that inadequate understanding of welfare and tax law is a major deficiency among legal aid providers.”

You can read more here.

Did you take tax law in law school? Will you take tax law?

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