Thirty-one NY State Public Interest Offices Splitting $3 Million for Foreclosure Work

By: Steve Grumm

There has been much more than the normal share of good funding news this week.  (My weekly bulletin tomorrow may, for the first time in memory, contain more good funding news than bad.)  Today’s item comes from the Empire State.  The New York attorney general directed $3 million to be shared by 31 public interest law offices for foreclosure defense funding.  The fuding comes from settlements over questionable mortgage lending practices.  (Here’s the Legal News Line story.)

Here’s a complete tangent which is prompted by “New York + Mortgage.”  If you want a thoroughly informative yet easy-to-digest explanation of the events leading to the 2008 Wall Street crisis, do yourself a solid and watch the first two parts of this PBS Frontline series, “Money, Power & Wall Street” (parts 3/4 to air later).  This is exactly what “nonfiction television” should be about.

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