Activism Networking and Organizing Event at UDC

 Activism for All Ages

A Networking and Organizing Event

On January 14, beginning at 10:30 am, in cooperation with local activist attorney Judy Kosovich and Jim Turner, UDC-DCSL will host a networking and, we hope, an organizing extravaganza.  What happens will be the result of the choices of those who attend!  We will hold similar events from time to time to expand the program and to learn from its successes and failures but no training or administrative functions are planned other than what is described below.

If you plan to attend, please register HERE.

The event will have 2 keynote speakers. Jim Turner will give a talk on insights he has gleaned from his years as an activist attorney.  Professor Edgar Cahn, co-founder of the Antioch School of Law (now UDC-DCSL!) and will also speak about bringing ideas to fuition. Their talks will be about 15 minutes each.

Then we may split into subgroups, depending on the number of participants, and those who have expressed an interest in speaking so will do so for several minutes each for a total of an hour.  We will then have an hour to exchange contact information.  If it is not possible to meet everyone you would like to meet, but we will facilitate additional networking.  People will have an opportunity to summarize their interests and needs and this will be made available.

To speak at this event, please provide a summary of what you would like to say (which will be used in the networking lists we will prepare), as well as contact information and anything relevant to your desires.  Please send this information to Judy Kosovich at

Please register HERE.

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