Interested in Child Advocacy? Great Piece on Intersection between Poverty and Abuse

Public interest attorneys are often faced with situations that are complex, with many causes and intersecting problems. It can be difficult to disentangle things, but many organizations are trying to move towards a model of comprehensive services (that’s the whole idea behind medical-legal partnerships, which we’ve blogged about before). Child advocacy can be particularly complex, as attorneys work with children whose families face enormously diverse challenges. Rutledge Q. Hudson of the Center for Law and Social Policy wrote an excellent blog post today on the intersection of poverty and child abuse. In it Hudson states, “Families should be able to get the range of supports they need whether they turn to their pediatrician, child care provider, school, community center, or social services office.” It will be up to child advocacy attorneys to determine how and where they can fit into the web of comprehensive services as well. This post does a great job of giving an overview of how all these pieces fit together.

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