Job o' the Day: Staff Attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights in NY!

The Center for Reproductive Rights is a non-profit organization that promotes women’s equality worldwide by securing reproductive rights in constitutional and international human rights law. Its mission is straightforward and ambitious: to advance reproductive health and rights as a fundamental right that all governments are legally obligated to protect, respect and fulfill. The Center is unmatched as a reproductive rights organization in its expertise on U.S. constitutional law, comparative law, and international human rights law.

In the U.S. Legal Program, the Center’s preeminent litigation team has helped millions of women and their families by securing government funding for abortions, striking down absolute abortion bans and other access restrictions, and protecting teens’ access to emergency contraception and confidential reproductive healthcare services and information. During the past 19 years, Center attorneys have been counsel in virtually every major U.S. Supreme Court case about reproductive rights. In the last two years, the Center litigated over 20 cases on a range of reproductive rights issues. The Center’s state program is actively engaged in strategic state- and local-level advocacy across the country. At the same time that the Center is defending women’s reproductive rights in courts and legislatures, it works toward the long-term goal of promoting reproductive rights and health as a fundamental human rights issue.

The Center seeks an attorney to litigate reproductive rights cases and to develop and manage other advocacy projects on reproductive rights and health issues. The attorney will be responsible for all aspects of litigation, including developing new cases, discovery and motion practice, trials, and appeals. Other projects may include legislative advocacy, human rights advocacy, developing policy papers and drafting legal or fact analysis for Center publications or articles.

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